Condit Elementary breaks ground under HISD bond program

HOUSTON, Texas ' Condit Elementary became the first school to break ground under HISD's 2012 bond program, launching the construction phase of the school's new campus. A total of 17 schools will begin the construction phase as part of the district's $1.89 billion bond program to rebuild or renovate 40 HISD schools.


'We were able to bring the initial concept that education is the 'ribbon' that ties a community together to reality by working with the principal and staff of Condit Elementary, the City of Bellaire and its community by creating a learning commons surrounded by a 'ribbon' of classrooms with plenty of natural light and collaborative spaces,' stated Todd Lien, Principal at VLK Architects. 'Working on this project with this great community has been a tremendous opportunity for VLK Architects.'

The future Condit, currently located at 7000 South Third in Bellaire, will be designed as an 83,000 square foot facility adjacent to the current building, and is slated to house 750 students.When the new building is complete in the first quarter of 2016, the current building will be demolished resulting in additional parking and 60,000 square feet of green space to be enjoyed by the students and the community.

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