Fueling the Discovery of a Cure

DALLAS, Texas, November 8, 2014' The DFW Brain Tumor Walk commenced this past weekend to raise awareness and essential resources to fund brain tumor programs and improve the lives of those affected. The walk gives individuals and teams the opportunity to honor and remember loved ones, and to educate the community on the diverse needs of the brain tumor community.VLK Architects joined in on the walk to raise money for the organization and to support fellow employee, Niki Schoessow, Project Designer.

'My VLK family has been such a fantastic support system for me and my husband,' said Shoessow. 'We wanted to help others in our situation. Then the whole office started getting involved and they went far beyond our expectations. It feels good to have such a great group of people who are supporting and rallying for us.'

Fueling%20the%20Discovery%20of%20a%20Cure.pdf%20-%20Adobe%20Acrobat.jpgToday, nearly 700,000 Americans are affected by brain tumors, and many more are diagnosed each year. More than 3,000 people participated in the walk and approximately $170,000 has beenraised in support of the organization. All funds raised will advance strategic research and public policy to improve the availability of new and better treatments. VLK is proud to support the community and contribute to the National Brain Tumor Society in their fight for a cure.