"Howl We End Hunger" at Houston's 2016 Canstruction Competition

Houston, Texas ' On November 5th, VLK Architects teamed with architecture students at Langham Creek High School in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD to participate in Canstruction. Canstruction is a design-build competition that allows participants to submit a theme and build a structure out of donated canned goods. Hosted at City Centre on the west side of Houston, the sculpture remains on display during voting, and at the completion of the competition, the canned goods are then distributed to local food banks just in time for the holidays.

This year's Canstruction theme was 'Howl We End Hunger.' The sculpture featured Langham Creek High School's mascot. In addition to the Langham Lobo, the team also constructed a wall behind it to make the lobo to look as though it was howling at the sight of a full moon. In total, the structure was made up of 2529 cans made mostly out of pinto beans, white hominy, and green beans.

The entire process from start to finish is truly a collaborative process that could not have been made possible without the help of everyone involved, especially Langham Creek's Architecture students who volunteered their time to build the structure.


'I enjoyed working with VLK Architects on such a fun event,' said Angel Solorzano, Langham Creek High School Senior and VLK intern. 'It is a great opportunity to send a positive message out to the public, encouraging them to help end hunger.'

Jordan Childs has been teaming up with VLK on Canstruction for the past 3 years and enjoys giving back to the community. 'I love to help people. There are families who don't have the privilege of gettingeven two meals a day,' said Childs. 'This is my 3rd year of participating in Canstruction and I have enjoyed it every time! It gives me an outlet to share my love of construction and design with others.'

What encourages VLK to continue to participate in Canstruction with students every year is not only the opportunity to help donate food to local families, but also to witness the next generation of architects working for something they believe in.

'The most rewarding part is being able to work alongside high school students to create our sculpture,' said VLK Team Captain, Krista Thomas. 'The students' drive and determination to have a winning design is what inspires us each year to pair up with Langham Creek High School rather than competing alone. I am thankful to see the support that students receive not only from their teacher, but also from their administration that allows the students to participate in such a great event.'

'I am so grateful to VLK Architects for letting us work with them,' said Agustin Ventrice, Langham Creek High School Senior. 'For me, Canstruction gives everyone a chance to use their ideas to build something amazing! At the same time, we are doing something good for the world too because we are helping end hunger together.'