Huggins Honda Dealership Modernized While Remaining Operational

FORT WORTH, Texas - The expansion of neighboring Interstate 820 required Huggins Honda to replace their 27-year-old dealership without affecting a day in operations. The build would also allow the opportunity for additional space for future growth and bring the dealership into the new Honda Gen 3 Image Program, all possible to a three-phase approach to the build.

The goal of the redesign was to convert various showroom and service departments into the new, industry-standard sole building design while allowing inventory to remain on surface lots and operations to continue. VLK Architects worked with Huggins Honda to develop construction phases that would allow all goals to be met.

  • Phase One opened in March and included the building of a new 80-bay service garage, two-story parts storage warehouse, and new two-tunnel car wash.

  • Phase Two is on schedule to include the construction of a new two-story showroom and service drive which should be completed by the end of the year.

  • Phase Three is the demolition of the existing building and completion of the site work.

The end result will be a new modern, efficient style that will triple the size of their showroom, double the size of their service garage and almost double the size of their inventory space.

The dealership will be completed by the end of the year.