Leadership We Should Appreciate

January is School Board Appreciation Month accross the State Of Texas.

If you have not recently attended a meeting of your local Board, I would encourage to get out and see these leaders conduct the business of one of the most vital elements of our society. Obviously education of the children within our local communities is job one; however, in many areas their impact exceeds that boundary, as many are the largest employer in the area, run the largest public transportation system, and provide services to children and families that are non-attainable from anyone else in the community.

In recent months I have personally witnessed Boards discussing a wide range of topics.

At Clear Creek ISD, Board members deftly dealt with budgets and how to balance state and local funding with district educational program and teacher salary needs. It has been my observation that districts do a very good job of controlling expenditures while focusing funding on the needs of the classroom.

At Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Board members reviewed strategies to utilize in order to apply for certification from the state as a District of Innovation, thereby creating latitude and expansion of local control over the educational programs of the district.

At College Station ISD, Board members have dealt with the hot potato of rezoning as a result of adding both a third intermediate and middle school which feed two high schools. Addressing neighborhood and staff concerns on the impact of the community has taken numerous hours and study to ensure an equitable solution in a fast growth district.

Hopefully, you will agree that our Boards throughout the state successfully deal with a multitude of issues, which in many ways far exceed the operations of many of the companies that we work for, while laying the educational foundation and framework for the future of our state and nation.