Socorro ISD Breaks Ground on New Elementary School

El Paso, TX – On November 9th, VLK Architects and Nine Degrees with Team SISD, celebrated the beginning of construction on Socorro ISD’s newest elementary school for 850 pre-k through fifth grade students. Funded by savings from their 2011 bond, this new facility on the east side of El Paso is scheduled to open in July 2018 and will be part of the Pebble Hills High School feeder zone. This school addresses population growth, focuses on sustainability, and provides teachers and students with flexible learning opportunities.

“We are proud to start construction on the 48th school in Team SISD and to continue our commitment of treating and educating all students as if they are our own children in this fast-growing area of our district,” said SISD Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza. “Our students deserve the best, safe, and supportive learning environments. With the high-quality team of architects, builders, and facilities and operations staff on board to construct this school, we are excited to open another outstanding, state-of-the art campus for our students.”

Socorro ISD’s mission of optimizing students’ academic, artistic, athletic, and interpersonal skills has remained the driving force in the design and construction of this new elementary school.

“Socorro ISD is very focused on providing for their students,” said VLK Principal, Clinton Schiver. “It is about the kids for them. It’s not only the hard skills of core curriculum that are important to Socorro, but the soft skills too. They want their students to learn about socialization, integration, and determination. It is our hope that this new elementary school addresses the range of needs of each individual student that will walk through these halls.”