VLK Architects Break Ground on Katy ISD's 41st Elementary School

Katy, Texas - On May 31st, VLK Architects attended the ground breaking ceremony for Katy ISD's newest elementary school, Elementary No. 41.

"This new elementary school represents our schools of the future" said Dr. Lance Hindt, Katy ISD Superintendent. 'This will prepare our students to interact and work in diverse and transformative spaces that blend learning with sophisticated technology and opportunities for deepened engagement.'

Elementary No. 41 is the fourth iteration of an elementary school prototype that VLK developed for Katy ISD. The district set out to create a new prototype for future elementary schools while challenging VLK Architects to design a building featuring adaptable spaces for a variety of instructional styles to support next generation learning. The school is a two-story building with classroom pods organized around a media center in order to promote collaboration and engagement through the extension of the classroom. The school will be approximately 138,000 square feet and house over 1000 students.

'VLK is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Katy ISD's continued growth,' said Todd Lien, VLK Partner. 'We are honored to be able to design these next generation schools and provide students with a transformative learning environment.'