VLK Architects, Clear Creek Education Foundation's 2016 Horizon Award Recipient

Clear Creek, Texas ' On October 5th, Clear Creek Education Foundation hosted a Vendor Partner Luncheon at Challenger Columbia Stadium. Guests included education foundation board members, CCISD administrators, vendors, and students and teachers who were last year's grant recipients. The purpose of the event was to allow supporters of the education foundation to see their dollars at work as students and teachers proudly displayed some of their successful projects that were funded from CCEF's grant initiatives. It is also an opportunity for CCEF to recognize those who have made a significant impact on education at Clear Creek ISD through their support of the foundation. This year, CCEF awarded the Horizon Award to VLK Architects for making a systemic impact on education at CCISD.

'VLK has been working with us since 2012, but really last Spring they took a school with 72 entryways that flooded every time it rained and turned it into a school for the community,' said Dr. Greg Smith, CCISD Superintendent. 'We call this school McWhirter Elementary.'

The design of McWhirter Replacement Elementary provides both pre K-5th grades and adult community education spaces in one campus. Grade-level based neighborhoods feature collaborative spaces and technology connectivity. The collaborative areas are paired with computer labs that are enclosed by folding glass walls to create individual break-out spaces. Art and science classrooms have access to courtyards for outdoor learning opportunities. The community education area features classrooms with operable walls to create different scale environments for after-hours adult education. The design features of McWhirter Replacement Elementary bring the community together and support innovative teaching.

'It is truly an honor to receive an award like this from Clear Creek ISD and CCEF,' said VLK Principal, Todd Lien. 'This award recognizes the work that VLK team members Ken Hutchens, Melissa Fleming, John Novak, and Charles Porter are performing for the district in supporting education and making an impact on the community.