VLK Architects Judge Innovative Student Designs at Regional TSA Competition


VLK Architects' Brad Ewing, Angel Rivera, Associate AIA, and KristaThomas served as judges for the Brazos Valley Technology Student Association (TSA) Contestheld at the Cy-Fair Telge Ag Exhibit Center on Thursday, March 10. Middle and high schoolstudents from across the region were invited to submit projects that span over ten majorcategories. Students competed at the Regional TSA Competition in hopes of earning theopportunity to represent Texas at the State level. Most participants are currently enrolled inScience, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs and VLK's team ofjudges were responsible for scoring all the submissions within the architectural division.


'We saw some great examples of architectural drafting, rendering, sketching, 3D modeling, andphysical wood building models,' said Ewing. 'We enjoyed seeing the work of these youngminds, and how they interpret architectural design before being taught at a collegiate level. Thestudents who participated, showcased how advanced architectural programs have become in theState of Texas.'

This was a great opportunity for VLK Architects to support future architects and designers. Forboth Krista Thomas and Angel Rivera, Associate AIA, it had a much greater meaning becausethey both participated in the same competition when they were in high school. 'The highlevel ofwork we saw today speaks to the amount of talented students and teachers we have in ourregion,' said Rivera. 'I believe it's important take time to support and mentor our students,' saidThomas. 'Winning an award at a regional competition could be that extra push astudent needs topursue their dream career, just as it did for me."