VLK Architects Participates in Award-Winning Design for the 2017 Panther Den Competition

Fort Worth, Texas - On February23rd, VLK Architects' intern, Zack Sprinkle and his team submitted the award-winning concept at the Panther Den design competition. Hosted by the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth in partnership with the Young Leaders Council, the Panther Den is intended to provide an opportunity for young professionals to create innovative design concepts as they learn more about urban developments.

Sprinkle's team members were Brian Bowden, Dunaway Associates, Cody Brewer, Kimley-Horn, Will Henderson, Frost Bank, Kadie Midkiff, Fort Construction and Kattya Santiago Ansa, Quorum Architects. This team was tasked with submitting a plan to re-purpose an older power plant facility that is a part of the highly anticipated Panther Island project located on the northwest side of downtown Fort Worth. This project is expected to feature waterfront communities, attractions, and entertainment. Each team member used their knowledge and expertise from their respective fields to work together in creating a design that efficiently met the judges' criteria.

When asked his experience at the Panther Den, Zack Sprinkle responded with why opportunities like this are so beneficial for young adults.

"These competitions are great to create networking opportunities and allow us to directly look at the community we live in imagine ways to improve it," said Sprinkle. "From this win, our team will have the chance to present our ideas and discuss opportunities for this new development with companies who will facilitate the design and construction of the actual Panther Island project. I was honored to participate in the Panther Den and honored to represent a company like VLK who is dedicated to my personal growth and encourages me to explore my own passions within architecture."