VLK Architects' 'Pirates of the Super Bowl' Wins Sports Theme Category at the 2017 AIA Sandcastle Competition

Galveston, Texas - On June 3rd, VLK Architects competed for the famous 'Golden Bucket' award on Galveston's east beach for the 2017 AIA Sandcastle Competition. VLK's theme, 'Pirates of the Super Bowl" was the winner in the 'Best Sports Theme' category of the competition. Over 60 VLK employees and families came to cheer the teams on as they molded the sand to perfection.

'Building a sandcastle seems like an easy task at first, but after picking a design, creating the formwork, and working out logistics, you start to realize the tremendous amount of effort that goes into building these sandcastles. My favorite part of the competition was working together as one large team and seeing the end result of all of the work,' said VLK Sandcastle Captain, Krista Thomas. 'None of this would be possible without a collaborative team effort from everyone in the office.'

Planning for the competition began with several design meetings to discuss ideas. Using design software, the team drew the site design which allowed them to understand the scale and complexities of the design. 'Pirates of the Super Bowl,' their chosen design, poked fun at the famous incident about Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey. In VLK's story, the jersey is stolen by the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' character, Captain Jack Sparrow. The site design included images of a massive NRG Stadium and the Lombardi trophy. In front, a very relaxed captain is lounged on the beach with his prized treasure chest which prominently displays its contents, the Tom Brady jersey.

VLK Partner, Todd Lien stated, "This will be our 9th year building sandcastles for a cause. It's always exciting to seethe creativity and dedication the VLK team puts into building these amazing sand sculptures. It just gets better and better every year."