VLK Architects Showcase Fine Arts Design to TTAC Directors


On January 29th, VLK Architects' Senior Associate, Chad Davis AIA, LEEDAP BD+C and Associate, John Brooks, AIA presented creative Fine Arts Facility designs whichshowcased two distinctive projects: Timber Creek High School, Keller ISD and a STEAMAcademy that was created for a designcompetition. The purpose of the presentation was toencourage Fine Arts Directors, who may be considering options associated with these spaces, toconsider distinctive features associated with these types of designs and learn methods ofincorporating larger scale features into smaller sites.

While comparing the fine arts wing of Timber Creek High School and the STEAM Academy, thepresentation was designed to point out distinctive features to be considered in both such aslayout, adjacency, size, volume, noise isolation, silent HVAC system design, and proper roomacoustics.

'I wanted the attendees to learn numerous design tricks and details that they could immediatelyuse in planning their facilities,' said Davis. 'It was great to reconnect with current clients andmake new connections within the Fine Arts world.'

The design concept for the STEAM Academy was chosen to illustrate the challenges of creatingthe adjacencies and relationships necessary to create an integrated vertical STEAM Academy ona restrictive site. The STEAM Academy was designed for an urban environment and needed tocontain instructional spaces for middle and high school students, and public performing artsspaces. To accommodate the students and the public on a smaller plot of land, a vertical solutionwas required that allowed for consolidated, stacked performance spaces while maintainingseparate middle school andhigh school academic areas.

'Creating exceptional learning environments for performing arts educational facilities beginswith knowing what works well,' said Brooks. 'Sharing our design concepts for performing artsfacilities at TTAC offered the opportunity to test ideas and concepts with leaders in the TexasPerforming Arts Education community and to hear about their experiences.'

'By showing us features of the facilities they were designing, VLK was able to present tailormade designs that not only fit their clients' needs, but also their resources,' said Kim Blann, FineArts Director, Keller ISD and TTAC President. 'As a result, the information that was presentedto TTAC Directors, many of which have just passed bonds and are in the process of designingnew fine arts spaces, helped them to understand that VLK Architects can facilitate the processindividually for each and every client. It was wonderful!'