VLK Gives Back in Clear Creek ISD to Support Education Foundation's Sur-Prize Patrol

Houston, Texas - On May 19th, VLK Architects attended Clear Creek Education Foundation's (CCEF)Sur-Prize Patrol. Board members, community volunteers, and donors traveled throughout the district toaward unsuspecting recipients with grants that will be used in the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.CCEF distributed 36 grants, $100,000 in total, that spanned 19 campuses within Clear Creek ISD. Eachgrant is intended to help teachers foster new, creative teaching methods in order to inspire their students.

'Teachers pay so much of their own money for their students and it so rewarding to give them anopportunity to take education to the next level and show them that their community values theirhard work,' said Kaci Hanson, CCEF Executive Director.

VLK's grant was presented to Vicki Mangum of Landholt Elementary who plans to implement her grantcalled 'Precept Project- Producing Great Writers Through 180 Days of Character Building.' As aLearning Lab teacher, Mangum is always looking for innovative ways to help tailor personal andacademic learning opportunities to each individual's needs. As she was presented with the check,Mangum said 'I am so excited! I cannot wait to use these funds to help my kids next year!'

Not only will these grants support teachers like Mangum in their academic programs but, they willsupport several extra-curricular programs as well, such as: fashion design, culinary science, recycling,sensory learning styles and the chemistry of art through electroplating jewelry.