VLK Announces Hunt as Senior Associate and Stresow as Associate

Fort Worth and Houston, Texas­- VLK Architects proudly announces the appointment of Richard Hunt, AIA, LEED AP to Senior Associate and Adrian Stresow to Associate. These leaders are proven experts who possess an exceptional understanding of the many facets of the architectural practice, have contributed to the advancement of VLK through innovative ideas and creativity, strengthened relationships with our clients and business associates, and demonstrated an unwavering dedication to VLK’s mission. These two individuals epitomize VLK’s core values which are demonstrated by firm leadership, day in and day out.

Richard Hunt

Graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University in 2001, Richard Hunt joined VLK in 2013 and has rapidly made a significant impact on VLK’s educational project designs across the State of Texas. As the project designer for Houston ISD’s Condit Elementary which won the highest achievement in educational design in 2018, the Caudill Award, by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and Arlington ISD’s Dan Dipert Career and Technical Center, which was a finalist in TASA / TASB’s 2019 Caudill Class, Richard is an expert in providing project designs that provide solutions that respond to each client’s distinctive values and ideals. Other notable projects include Waller ISD’s new Waller High School, Sherman ISD’s new Sherman High School, and Denton ISD’s new Denton High School. He has an exceptional skill of creating an open dialogue with each client that fosters imaginative, cost effective solutions.

“Richard has an incredible ability and willingness to recognize that great design must align with the client’s budget from the very beginning. His leadership style relies on the strength of his team to explore the appropriate balance of innovation and ingenuity with practicality and common sense,” said Sloan Harris, VLK CEO and Partner. “Additionally, Richard has been a thought leader within the firm, leading VLK to think about the importance of branding in today’s school environments as he guides us to integrate this thinking into our design projects and throughout our client service. We are proud to promote Richard to Senior Associate.”

 The criteria to become a Senior Associate is that an individual must have significant experience and qualifications relative to their profession and their role within the firm. They are self-motivated leaders who have consistently taken the initiative, using their capabilities, talent, and commitment in assuming significant leadership roles in the firm. These individuals are leaders in the communities we serve, demonstrating the importance of community involvement, making their own professional and personal contributions to professional organizations and meaningful causes significant to our industry and our clients.

 Adrian Stresow

With a Master of Engineering, Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, Adrian Stresow joined VLK in 2016 as a Program Director for the firm. Stresow spends 100% of his time assisting in the bond program management of Ysleta ISD’s 2015 bond projects. This position within the firm includes serving as a liaison between Ysleta ISD, project architects, government entities, contractors, and the Ysleta community. Additionally, Adrian’s responsibilities include counseling the district on decisions related to their bond programs based on his extensive K12 market experience. As a result of his and the entire VLK team’s effort, Ysleta ISD’s 2015 bond projects have finished on time and under budget. In November 2019, Ysleta ISD passed a $425 million bond which will allow Stresow to continue his work for the benefit of the firm and for Ysleta ISD.

“We are excited to recognize Adrian Stresow as VLK’s newest Associate based on his extraordinary leadership as Program Director for Ysleta ISD’s 2015 bond program. Program management for Ysleta ISD’s $430.5 million bond in 2015 required a professional with exceptional experience in the coordination, counsel, and planning of various teams on many different project types,” said Sloan Harris, VLK CEO and Partner. “Not only is Adrian outstanding in working with architects and contractors to ensure that projects remain on schedule, but his attention to detail as he guides the owner throughout the entire process ensures for a successful outcome. His commitment to exceptional client service is the embodiment of VLK’s mission which makes him a key team player at our firm.”

To become Associate, individuals must be self-motivated and consistently demonstrate the initiative, talent, and commitment of assuming additional responsibilities and leadership roles. They also must show exceptional understanding of the many facets of architectural practice, develop and strengthen relationships with our clients and business associates, guide and enhance the development of staff, and contribute to the advancement of the firm through innovative ideas and efforts.

At VLK, we value our employees and realize that they are our single greatest asset. In appreciation of that, we strive to provide a work environment that fosters professional development and allows our staff to excel in the practice of architecture.