VLK Names New Senior Associate, Brooks and New Associates, Marshall and Sahrmann

Fort Worth,Texas - Last week, John Brooks, AIA was named Senior Associate and D'Lee Marshall and Brian Sahrmann, AIA, NCARB were named Associates. These three individuals have shown an exceptional understanding of the many facets of architectural practice, developed and strengthened relationships with our clients and business associates, and have contributed to the advancement of VLK as a whole through innovative ideas and efforts.

John Brooks, AIA, joined VLK in 2009 with a rich history of designing a multitude of building types from stadiums to world class hotels. With his innovative designs and resume of outstanding work, Brooks quickly became a valuable member of the VLK team.His enormous talent, skillset, and passion that he brings to each one of his projects, always results in excellent solutions for our clients. His engagement with team members, outside of the box thinking for design with an ability for independent problem solving, has been a tremendous asset to the firm.

VLK Principal Sloan Harris, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP said, 'We are beyond excited to recognize John Brooks as a Senior Associate based upon his extraordinary work performance here at VLK. Not only have our clients repeatedly expressed how much they enjoy the ideas he brings to their projects, but also, the way in which he provides guidance to the client and the design team throughout the entire process. His commitment to innovation, exceptional client service, and embodiment of VLK's mission has truly made him a key team player at our firm.'

D'Lee Marshall joined VLK in 2014 with a background in marketing. In just two short years, her initiatives and leadership in the marketing efforts have had extraordinary results. VLK's marketing of successful collateral, social media campaigns, and communications as a whole is a direct reflection of her talents and motivation. She has worked to build a seamless marketing department and their performance has been a huge benefit to VLK. Her positivity and creative thinking has made an impact on our projects and plans, which has benefitted our clients.

VLK Principal Sloan Harris, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP said, 'D'Lee's exceptional performance has been felt by everyone at our firm. She has worked tirelessly for VLK and her performance has been a key ingredient to the success our firm is enjoying today. Her creativity and positive attitude embody the culture we have built at VLK.'

Brian Sahrmann, AIA, NCARB, joined VLK in 2005 as an entry level architectural intern, serving initially in the production group. Brian was quickly recruited into the construction administration department because of his unique business management interest and skills. With his construction knowledge, professionalism, and interpersonal skills, Brian has really shown that he is a true leader here at VLK. He has enthusiastically assisted with marketing and business development efforts throughout his career and now is early transitioning into a Project Director role.

VLK Principal Leesa Vardeman, AIA said, 'Watching Brian grow from an entry level architectural intern here at VLK to now transitioning into a Project Director role has been truly exceptional. His vast construction knowledge, clear grasp of contractual requirements, professionalism, and interpersonal skills have distinguished him as a fair, well-respected construction administrator and representative of VLK. Brian truly represents the type of uncompromising excellence we value.'