Adrian Stresow


With a Master of Engineering, Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, Adrian Stresow joined VLK in 2016 as a Program Director for the firm. Stresow spends 100% of his time assisting in the bond program management of Ysleta ISD’s 2015 bond projects. This position within the firm includes serving as a liaison between Ysleta ISD, project architects, government entities, contractors, and the Ysleta community. Additionally, Adrian’s responsibilities include counseling the district on decisions related to their bond programs based on his extensive K12 market experience. As a result of his and the entire VLK team’s effort, Ysleta ISD’s 2015 bond projects have finished on time and under budget. In November 2019, Ysleta ISD passed a $425 million bond which will allow Stresow to continue his work for the benefit of the firm and for Ysleta ISD.

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