Michael S. Antenora


Principal - Commercial Practice Leader
On the most basic level, our role is to produce architecture that is responsive to the needs and objectives of our clients. However, the very best architecture aspires to transcend pure necessity to create meaningful, evocative and timeless spaces for people and for the communities in which they live, work and play. Striving to do both is what motivates me as an architect.

Michael Antenora’s core principle of “architecture for people” drives everything in his work. Michael’s career is commemorated with numerous awards and acknowledgments for his contributions to the corporate, mixed-use, adaptive re-use, civic, and hospitality sectors. His designs manifest the belief that a well-conceived building is responsive to the needs of users, site-specific, designed for sustainability, and befits its context and location. Michael deftly serves our clients’ interests through a balanced approach of delivering timely solutions within budget, while ensuring the project brings value and is architecturally respectful to the community.