Early Childhood Center

Plano Independent School District

Plano ISD has placed an emphasis on its early childhood education as studies have shown that preschool education increases the academic success of students. With the three existing early childhood schools nearing capacity, the district set out the need for a fourth to accommodate expansion of preK opportunities to include full-day programs. While the three previous facilities were prototyped, the site constraints of number four resulted in a new design. This design created a courtyard playground feature that protects the students from site and noise of the public right of way and street traffic. This latest iteration of the PISD early childhood center also features a tornado shelter in each of the two classroom wings. This allows the students to quickly move to safety during an event by a shorter travel distance. Other design features include natural light into each classroom and educational space, a transparent main entry with controlled vestibule allowing the administration to have a clean line of sight to the parking lot as visitors approach the building and a serving kitchen to allow the district to provide morning, mid-day and evening meals as necessary for the various on-site programs.