Lonestar Resources New Headquarters

Lonestar Resources - Fort Worth, Texas

When Lonestar Resources relocated its Fort Worth headquarters, they challenged VLK to design a clean, highly functional space tailored to its departments and clients. VLK previously partnered with Lonestar to renovate its former headquarters. While the 2015 renovation delivered a fresh and inventive upgrade to its old space, the 2018 relocation offered an ideal opportunity to design a fully optimized environment, customized for Lonestar’s business process. For the new headquarters, visual references to the natural resources industry, local heritage and the company brand are incorporated within a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic. Throughout the space, finish elements of rocky strata and other natural motifs pay homage to the industry. Hallways showcase bold brand statements in balance with artwork featuring images of Texas landscapes and oil fields. VLK developed the furnishings, fixtures, and lighting selections, providing every department with tailored options that maintain the timeless-contemporary aesthetic throughout the space. The furniture offers selective pops of red that call out Lonestar’s brand. Key client-focused areas unify flow and function from the reception area to the hospitality bar and conference space, offering a dynamic client experience and the ability to create connected places to gather.