Arlington ISD Dipert Center Named Caudill Finalist

VLK Architects’ design of  Arlington ISD’s Dan Dipert Career + Technical Center has earned the Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Board’s highest recognition as a finalist for the 2018-19 Caudill Class. Learn more about the Dipert Center.

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Research-Based Designs

We Are Learners, Too.

There is a common element among the hundreds of educational projects in our portfolio: all are informed by a research-based examination of the curriculum and how architectural design should optimize the full potential of the teaching and learning process within the space.

Communities Get the Schools They Want

Bond Planning

A bond referendum belongs to the community. VLK’s Bond Planning process is systemic and strategic, engaging the community to create a bond plan that meets current and future needs while building consensus among stakeholders. Whether during the planning or election phase, our efforts are fully coordinated, well thought out, and proactive. Our process is your district’s roadmap to victory.

Uniting Personality With Purpose

Branding Services

VLK recognizes that your brand identity differentiates you from your competition. Whether new or existing, your facility should represent who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. VLK has extensive experience helping clients establish, define, and  communicate their brand, exploring the ways it can be expressed throughout facilities. Through a consensus-building process, your values and strengths are clarified and interpreted creatively to establish new brand assets such as colors, logos, iconography, and messaging that ultimately are conveyed throughout the physical space.

Curriculum Shapes Space

VLK | Curation

We only know what we know. VLK | Curation is the process that gives us a deep understanding of a district’s educational goals, philosophy and pedagogical practices - including student learning styles - to ensure our designs are tailored to the unique culture of our clients.

Stakeholder Engagement

VLK | Launch

VLK | Launch  is at the forefront of the current trend in the charrette design process, utilizing the voice of our clients' stakeholders to develop the conceptual framework of next generation learning environments.

At The Forefront


Our learning environment design aligns with national and regional educational practices through the study of how teachers teach and students learn. Exploring the impact of architectural design on learning, it is our hope that this research will add to the already present literature about educational facilities and will further advance the practice of school design.

Technical Guidance

User Manuals

Next generation learning environments feature multiple spaces and tools to educate today’s learners. To make sure our clients get the most out of these environments, we have developed user manuals that teach the teachers how to best utilize their spaces.