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Designing The Experience

The Automotive Practice exemplifies the highest level of VLK’s specialized experience. With more than 35 years of expertise in this industry, we understand customer experience design, and the unique intricacies of working with auto dealers and manufacturers.

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Preeminent Expertise in Automotive Dealership Design

Jim Stephenson is Principal of VLK’s Automotive Practice with 35 years’ experience designing dealerships for multiple brands. With more than 150 completed automotive industry projects, Jim’s foremost industry know-how is fortified by his responsive and service-oriented approach to doing business with owners. Providing consistent direction and leadership to the owner and design team, Jim stays with the project from start to finish, fully dedicated to realizing the dealer’s vision and satisfying the requirements of the automaker.

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Refining Customer Experience

We know a consistent customer experience is an essential part of the brand. Our team will always satisfy your manufacturer’s branding and customer experience requirements. Ultimately, VLK works for you, the owner. In line with your budget, we further explore tailored options that reflect your vision for an ideally customized buyer experience. As a partner in the success of your dealership, we will continue to be a resource to you long after the work is complete.

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Superb Quality Documentation

We take great pride in the quality of our construction documents. The detail captured in our documentation is critical to ensuring our client-tailored designs will ultimately be realized in construction. With every phase of our projects, our documents are peer-reviewed from schematic design through construction. Our awards from industry peers are testimonial to our quality.

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We Work Here

Whether the project is located in North Texas, Greater Houston, Central Texas, or South Texas, VLK is already locally established. We know the local ins and outs of zoning regulations and building-related ordinances. We have a substantial history working closely with many municipalities across Texas to get projects approved. It’s part of our process.