Innovative Architecture Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Higher education demands precise yet flexible environments for study and research. VLK’s work at universities and colleges represents an exceptional level of specialized design competency.

VLK and Higher Education

Engagement Steers Our Design

College and university campuses blend venerable tradition with a state of constant technological and pedagogical change. The creation of new knowledge across a multidisciplinary academic landscape demands environments that embrace adaptability, collaboration, and the capacity to accommodate a spectrum of possibilities. VLK brings its people-focused design approach to the process, engaging with the academic stakeholders who understand how the space will serve the academic mission.

VLK and Higher Education

Integrating the Best of All Worlds

VLK understands learning environments. Our reputation was built on the hundreds of schools and educational centers we’ve designed. We also have well-established practices for commercial, retail and workplace environments. A key VLK advantage is the inter-organizational collaboration within the firm that informs and improves our designs on a comprehensive scale. This co-creative approach pushes your academic environments to the leading edge.