Bringing Home the Win for "Best Team Signage" at the 2018 AIA Sandcastle Competition

Galveston, Texas – On August 25th, VLK Architects competed for the famous “Golden Bucket” award on Galveston's east beach for the 2018 AIA Sandcastle Competition. VLK Architects partnered with DBR Engineering for AIA’s 32nd annual event. The “Toys R Gone” design was the winner of the “Best Team Signage” category of the competition. The builders were supported by a great crowd of family, friends, and employees from both offices, as well as a packed spectator section all day.


“The build would not be possible without the dedication and collaborative teamwork that is so strong within our office. Everyone pitches in to help, no matter how messy or how hot things may get,” said VLK Intern, Krista Thomas. “It’s always fun to see the whole office break away from the normal day-to-day activities to get involved in such a fun event.”

Planning for the competition began with several design meetings to discuss ideas. Using design software, the team drew the site design which allowed them to understand the scale and complexities of the design. The final design consisted of the classic Toys R Us storefront with an “Amazon” bulldozer plowing over the store. The iconic Geoffrey the giraffe was located in front with a tear coming down his face. The lettering “Toys R Gone” was carved out at the front of the site. The winning sign was a combination of donated amazon boxes and donated toys with a graphic poster.