Driving the Future

Texas is a great place to be, just a few years ago many difficulties were facing all aspects of our economy, including the automotive industry. Today, we're seeing explosive growth in this field, and some of the buildings to support innovations in the auto industry are simply amazing! Yes, some of the buildings are manufacturer-driven, but the majority of construction is in response to market growth and customer demand. Any dealer reading this has experienced firsthand the challenges of meeting customer expectations in sales and service, as well as finding and keeping qualified staff to operate their facility efficiently. It's certainly a double-edged sword, but what a great problem to have! Additionally, with the quality of products introduced into the market each year, the future for the automotive industry is very bright. In over 33 years of designing dealerships, we have never experienced a dealer who was disappointed that they built a new facility, remodeled, or expanded. In fact, the comment we hear most frequently is, "We now have more business and traffic than ever before." The decision to build or remodel is a massive undertaking, but the rewards can be tremendous.

In response to this active economy, we continue to expand into new markets and cities, while the experience and dedication of our staff allows us to continually provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients. We are a team of over 100 construction industry professionals with solid backgrounds in building and construction technology, creative designers, and tech savvy architects. We have the knowledge and experience needed to design your next successful dealership, and with the rapid changes in automobile technology, you need a building that will keep pace. VLK provides the knowledge, experience and technology in dealership design to put your facility on the cutting edge in your market.

If you're considering building, remodeling, or an image upgrade give VLK a call, let us show you how VLK can make your next project a success.