Expanding District Opportunities at the Telge Ag and Exhibit Center in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

In order to meet the needs of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD's growing agricultural science program, the district worked with VLK Architects to expand the exhibit building and a second barn at the Telge Agricultural Complex. The agricultural program utilizes this multi-functional space for not only the students but the surrounding community for a variety of events. One of the main goals of this project was to ensure the complex would be safe and comfortable for not only the students and spectators, but also the animals. This newly expanded campus has 24-hour security and gate access controls in order to monitor those entering the facility.

The agricultural barn addition is identical to the first barn and improved internal drainage and sanitary systems. VLK also designed a necessary screen system to prevent birds from entering the barn. The water and electrical distribution system is streamlined to the pens to maintain constant water supply throughout the day.

Another feature of this campus is an outdoor exercise area for the students to work with the animals in an outdoor practice arena. Due to its adjacencies to both barns, students are now able to seamlessly work with their animals within the new practice arena and safely lead them outside for exercise.

The expanded exhibit center is regularly used by the students and the community for banquets, trade shows, livestock competitions, and other community events. To accommodate a variety of crowd sizes for events, the building is wired to digitally control the internal temperature using a scalable high efficiency chiller.

Using a green vegetation wall system, VLK designed an outdoor greenspace outside the exhibit center to provide a functional space that can be used for student learning activities and community-wide events outside of the exhibit center.

In order to create a visual connection from Telge Road and amplify the facility's curb appeal, a 20 ft. curtain wall system is showcased at the front of the building and a 17 ft. graphic wall illuminates at night, telling the history of agricultural science in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD. With the facility's newest expansion, students are now able to safely care for and show the district's animals.

'In designing the exhibit center, we made student and animal safety a priority by analyzing animal behavior and best practices' stated Angel Rivera, VLK Project Coordinator. 'Analyzing behaviors such as turning radius, herding preferences and weight allowed us to better plan the chute and ramp systems thus keeping the student and animals safe without inhibiting judges activities.'