VLK Architects Receives Two Awards at the Annual CANstruction Competition, Putting “A Chilling End to Hunger”

(Fort Worth, Texas) – On Sunday, September 24, a team from VLK Architects joined with professionals from the architecture, engineering, and construction industry at North East Mall to participate in the annual CANstruction competition. This year’s theme was “A Chilling End to Hunger”, and VLK’s structure received the “Most Cans” and “Best Use of Labels” awards.

Based on the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho, VLK depicted the infamous shower scene. The structure portrays the scene from both viewpoints of Marion Crane and Norman Bates. Other elements were included in the design such as the hotel’s vacancy sign and the title of the movie.

CANstruction build and awards

VLK’s build topped out at 8 feet tall, made up of 4,548 cans all donated to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

“CANstruction is always a good time, and we are grateful to be a part of their contribution to the Tarrant Area Food Bank,” said VLK CANstruction Co-Captain Nicholas Matthews. “We had a great team, and we are thankful for our donors who contribute every year to make this happen.”

This year, a total of eight teams participated in CANstruction Fort Worth. The organization has been able to donate over a million pounds of food in Tarrant County since the first competition in 1999.