Christopher Laack


Principal - Commercial Practice Leader
“At our core, architects are problem solvers. Each project is unique in terms of circumstances and challenges. My belief is that successful projects are predicated on collaboration with all of the stakeholders during the design and construction process. Ultimately, our goal is to not only problem solve, but enhance the built environment of the community.”

A seasoned architect with an impressive portfolio of international-scale projects, Christopher Laack boosts VLK’s design authority to even greater heights. An expert in commercial development master-planning and large-scale design projects in high-rise mixed-use, retail, office, hospitality, and higher education and civic facility design. Chris has led the completion of highly complex architectural and urban design developments worldwide, including China, India, and the Middle East. Chris is a rare architect capable of creating potent design solutions for projects of any scope and budget, a crucial asset in expanding VLK’s market sectors.