A Lifetime of Music


Performing Arts facilities are some of the things that I enjoy designing the most as an architect. Like many people, when I entered the 6th grade, I had the opportunity to select a band instrument to play. Growing up watching Doc Severinsen lead the Tonight Show Band with Johnny Carson with his high notes blasted on the trumpet was enough to get me hooked.I played the trumpet from 6th grade, through high school and even three years of college at the University of Texas at Arlington.I was privileged to have great band directors at every step.I'm passionate about performing arts because I've lived it myself.I've had the 6:45 am jazz band rehearsals, the August marching band practice in the school parking lot, the 2:00 am bus trips home from out-of-town football games and marching competitions.I've unloaded equipment in the dark, sold chocolate to fund band trips, stood on the stage and played the trumpet solo in a fast-paced jazz number.I know what a difference just one second of reverberation time makes.I understand the importance of a whisper-quiet space to make band recordings to send to competition.


Music continues to be a great influence in my life.On my bedside table sits a copy of 'How Music Works' by David Byrne, which I can't recommend enough.Now, my 15-year-old daughter is in her high school band and Friday night football games have kicked off a new generation of musical tradition for our family.I look forward to living it all over again through her performances.