Enilon Moves into New Office Space Designed by VLK

Fort Worth, Texas - Digital Marketing Agency, Enilon recently moved into their new 7,000 sf office space in Fort Worth,TX. Selected to reconfigure their new office, VLK Architects was tasked with creating a contemporary, tech-industrial open concept design to fit the needs of the client, and to accommodate their anticipated growth and budget, as well as their business model.

The owners challenged VLK to convert a traditional medical office space with standard ceilings and fixtures, to a more engaging space that was representative of the collaborative company culture. VLK Project Designer, Niki Schoessow worked closely with Enilon's executive team to ensure that the new office space matched Enilon's vibrant, creative, and friendly culture. VLK worked closely with the contractor, Jensen Commercial (now Cooper-Jensen Contractors) to transform the existing ordinary office space into a lively environment that blends contemporary forms and a technology focused culture with an industrial space.


Only three enclosed rooms in the existing space had access to natural light, therefore demolishing a few walls and introducing a storefront to the private offices allowed natural light to permeate the entire space. In addition, removing the lay-in ceiling tiles and light fixtures added height and visual interest to the overall atmosphere and exposed the concrete structure of the ceiling. Energy efficient, contemporary pendant lighting was used throughout to highlight gathering spaces. Innovative efficiency concepts, such as the use of angles to create multipurpose spaces, were implemented to minimize cost and promote an environment built for collaboration. For example, the walls of the conference room also serve as the backdrop to the reception area and coffee bar in order to maximize space.

The new office also features an open conference space, a technology-rich conference room, a 'war-room' forinner-officecollaboration, and small booths for private conversations and focused work.


"Sometimes designing with constraints can be fun. Designing Enilon was a joy," said Niki Schoessow. "It was definitely a challenge, but our team, the owner, the contractor, and VLK worked creatively and resourcefully to design and build this space. The before and after speaks volumes. It was so much fun seeing a formerly traditional space come to life in such a big way, and I am very proud of the outcome." Jeff Ireland, Co-founder and CEO worked collaboratively with VLK and Jensen Commercial through the design and construction phases to ensure all priorities were met.


"VLK was able to understand our wants and needs and come up with a design that is extremely functional yet unique and beautifully artistic in a cost effective way," said Ireland. "The space reflects the personality of Enilon as the Digital Agency we have grown to become, and I could not be happier with the way it turned out." Justin Rives, Enilon Partner and EVP Delivery, was also pleased with the final result and said, "As I've been soaking up our new office space down the final stretch, I wanted to reach out and say thanks. Thanks for listening to our needs and translating our initial thinking into a well architected space. I still love how VLK dreamed up the large conference room. Thanks for pushing us to make smart design choices including the paint. I see how great it looks and can't imagine any other choice. Thanks for working with us and staying within our budget, all while making us feel you've been dedicated to us alone."

The Enilon team has been getting settled into their new space over the last month and a grand opening celebration is set to take place sometime in July.