Transforming Today's Work Environments

PMG celebrated the grand opening of their newly expanded Fort Worth Headquarters, designed by VLK Architects last night, Thursday, August 13, 2015.

VLK, the architectural firm known for designing creative spaces like iProspect and Near South Studios, has been delighted to work with PMG, who shares their passion for innovative, creative workspaces. VLK Architects partnered with this fun, close-knit digital advertising agency through three phases as they experienced exponential success and growth. The latest expansion of PMG's Headquarters, located in Fort Worth's West 7th Development, more than doubled the size of their existing space. The new offices were designed to support friendly and energetic people who are passionate about what they do.

Entering PMG's new office, the space immediately comes to life. Not only was there a red carpet laid out in the hallway, but there were lively faces to greet you. On the right side of the office, there was a caricature artist, painting families, friends and coworkers. Drinks, food and entertainment were provided all across the office. Children migrated to the Lego wall or to the conference room to watch movies and play games. Not a single employee was shy and made sure to make everyone feel like they were part of the group. Laughs and stories were exchanged between coworkers and new friends, talking about all of the good times they have had working with PMG and also, exploring their new space.

Booths, round tables, and bar stools were filled with excited faces. The multi-functional island, or bar, was a particularly busy area. Used during the working hours as a charging station, informal work space and coffee hangout, it was transformed into a working bar to cater to guests and create a social 'hot spot.' They even had a full margarita machine! With the two overhead glass doors closed due to the Texas heat, the bar served the indoor space while allowing guests to take a sneak peek out on to the patio. Colorful walls and glass marker boards were scattered throughout the open space, showing off the imaginative and collaborative culture of the company. Leftover scribbles and brainstorming lists decorated the markerboards, giving each of these brainstorming areas a little extra touch of PMG's personality.


Kari Hutchinson, Office Manager for PMG, was very pleased with the office design and the reactions people had at the event. 'The new space is bright, energetic and open. It is the perfect spot for PMG and we are all extremely proud to call this ours,' said Kari.

The office allows for the employees to move from place to place, whether it is to work quietly alone, at an adjustable-height desk, or with a group of co-workers. Employees and their guests went upstairs to either look over the whole event or sit in the small, colorful conference rooms. With a social event with twice as many people present in the office than normal, the open space design was put to the test and exceeded all expectations. Employees are now able to smoothly transition from one work environment to another, nourishing the relationships throughout different areas of PMG. The Brain Room had marker surfaces on each wall to surround teams during the idea-generating process. The multi-faceted campaign area provided ample writing space to give the teams a fun, yet practical resource when working on various campaign strategies.

The centerpiece of the office was a versatile open conference space ' framed by 'floating' wood plank partitions; this design was inspired as a way to create a meeting space between two existing columns, without solid walls that would block visibility throughout the office. The new space offers abundant natural lighting and the high volume allowed for the creation of a mezzanine for gaming and collaboration. This upper level also includes private 'telephone booths.'

VLK understands that the key to having an open office environment is offering alternative settings for group interaction and privacy as well as places to relax. VLK designed the PMG headquarters with its employees in mind and a goal of creating a space that allows them to enjoy their work ' and be productive ' anywhere in the office.