VLK Architects Head to Austin for Architect's Day 2017


Austin, Texas ' On February 7th, four representatives from VLK Architects, Leesa Vardeman, Ross Rivers, Chad Davis, and Bailey Craighead, joined over 150 architects at the Texas Capitol for Architect's Day. The purpose of this day is for architects to meet with legislators to discuss issues impacting their profession. Organized by Texas Society of Architects (TxA), Architect's Day, formerly known as Architects Advocacy Day, occurs every two years and serves as a way to bridge the gap between Texas law-making officials and individuals who have dedicated their time to becoming professionals in this field.

Topping off the discussion list was the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. With the State of Texas having over 230 courthouses that are at least 50 years old, the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program was established to fund the restoration of them. To date, 63 have been restored, preserving important Texas heritage which acts as the public face of our legal system. With budget reductions occurring over the years, architects wanted to re-emphasize the importance of this program and finish the preservation and restoration of the remaining courthouses.

In addition to having the opportunity to speak with legislators face-to-face, architects also attended a training session from senior advocates with TxA and learn more about the importance of speaking up for their profession.

'It was an honor to represent AIA Fort Worth for Architects Day at the Capitol, said Chad Davis, AIA, VLK Senior Associate. 'Advocating for my profession is very important to me and for future generations of architects. We must work together to create a culture that values the built environment'