VLK Architects Receives Learning By Design Award

FORT WORTH 'VLK Architects has been awarded an Outstanding Project Award and National Recognition for Innovative Educational Facility Design for both Katy High School West Campus and James and Barbara Adams Elementary School in the Spring 2015 edition of Learning by Design.

'VLK really pushed our district to think of new ways to build Adams Elementary School,' said Bowie Hogg, President, Arlington ISD Board of Trustees. 'It had been many years since we had built a new elementary school and VLK kept us on the forefront of best practices for the new building. We look forward to future projects with this partner.'

Adams Elementary and Katy High School were judged on their use of innovation, community need, interior design, sustainability, functional design and 21st century learning. The projects exemplified contemporary standards and contained design attributes that could be emulated in new space designs. The jury thought highly of the building design and architecture of both schools.

Adams Elementary was praised for its integration of inside and outside learning courtyards and collaborative spaces. Katy High School was admired for its interesting and non-institutional shared spaces and use of reclaimed materials.

'We are blessed to have a beautiful facility that supports teaching and learning in so many wonderful ways. We are grateful to all of the people who made it possible,' said Dr. Steve Robertson, Katy ISD Principal.

Learning By Design, a premier bi-annual guide that showcases innovative school and university design and construction projects, circulates to more than 50,000 leaders and decision-makers at all levels of education.' VLK Architects was proud to work with both Arlington ISD and Katy ISD to create schools that impact students and educators.