Who is on the VLK Quality Assurance Team?


Contrary to what we may have thought in the past, the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Team is not just the QA/QC Director, or the QA/QC Committee, or the individuals reviewing and redlining the Construction Documents at various milestones.

The Quality Assurance Team is ALL of us, ALL the time.

  • It is the Designer who spearheads the programming and the charrette exercise, ensuring that the client's needs are understood and implemented.
  • It is the Project Director who manages the client relationship, understanding and conveying the client's needs and expectations.
  • It is the Production Team who documents the project requirements in Revit, while researching, developing and incorporating all the necessary drawings and details.
  • It is the Specification Writer who gathers all the project info, compiling the project requirements into the Specifications.
  • It is the Project Architect & Project Coordinator who oversee the Construction Document production, ensuring that all the project requirements are addressed and implemented.
  • It is the Construction Administrator who helps ensure the project is built to the owner's satisfaction and provides feedback to the design team, imparting lessons learned from the field.

The Quality Assurance Team is not Me, or You, or The Client - it is ALL OF US.

If I choose to do'or not to do'something because it is solely better for ME, then I have derailed the process and forsaken my teammates and our client. Always take that extra step to help make future tasks for others more fruitful and efficient. We should constantly be thinking: 'What is the info that needs to be shown and explained, to assist others as they utilize the documents' How should this info be conveyed in order to facilitate use of the documents by others'

As we go through our daily routine' researching, making decisions, generating project documents'we should always keep the Bryan Adams's song from the Robin Hood ' Prince of Thieves movie in the back of our minds, "Everything I do, I do it for you."