Sloan S. Harris


CEO | Partner
"We see design as not only bringing the client's vision to reality, but taking their opportunities and making them so interesting, and creating solutions so constructive, that their vision evolves into something more."

As Chief Executive Officer of VLK Architects, Sloan Harris has steered the firm’s growth and evolution to establish VLK as one of today’s most successful and innovative service providers in the industry. Sloan’s abilities as a strategic manager, designer, and entrepreneur and his commitment to improving the local communities VLK serves, positioned him for leadership since he joined the firm in 2003. Since becoming principal and then partner, Sloan’s vision precipitated remarkable growth for the firm, expanding from two to five office locations, diversifying its service markets, and more than doubling annual earned revenue. A passionate advocate for the significant role every team member plays, Sloan cultivates a durable firm-wide culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement in service to our clients.