Community Driven

The programs offered at the Hollenstein Career and Technology Center are the direct result of a partnership between Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, the community, local business, and the industry. The goal of the Center is to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared, adaptable, and competitive workforce. Each program has unique, specialized requirements that integrate academics with career preparation. These programs complement local businesses, and the curriculum is aligned to industry-recognized certifications/licensures. Most students graduate with certifications in-hand as well as college credits earned in dual-credit courses.

Developing these programs wasn't easy. A District Facilities Task Force consisting of 48 representatives, including students, faculty, administration, industry experts and community members guided the decision making process and the development of the career and technology center.

The district formed partnerships with local and regional industries, workforce organizations, postsecondary institutions and community organizations to provide industry know-how, experience, and student opportunities in exchange for helping to provide a well-trained pool of future employees. An advisory committee, made up of experts in their own fields of work, was formed to assist in the development of the curriculum for each academy.

The results of this effort created a Center with 21st Century Learning labs that engage students in a hands-on environment. Real-life labs allow students to put into practice the techniques they learn in the classroom.