Decatur ISD's New Eagle Activity Center

Decatur, Texas ' VLK Architects announces the opening of Decatur ISD's new Eagle Activity Center. The multi-purpose facility opened last week and is expected to be used regularly by the students and athletes at Decatur High. The design of the facility provides a space for use by students during inclement weather and evening practices. The Eagle Activity Center will be used regularly by the marching band as they prepare for their half-time performances, as well as the football team.

'It was a great opportunity to begin our partnership with Decatur ISD on a project that serves the entire community, said Clinton Schiver, VLK Project Director. 'The Eagle Activity Center will be used nearly every day of the year by students, teachers, and the public. Once built, activity centers add a tremendous vibrancy to so many aspects of the community.'

'VLK enjoyed collaborating with a school district and community that takes such pride in their students and works very hard to ensure the success of Decatur ISD students,' said Richard Jaynes, VLK Principal. 'I find this to be a very impressive facility in that a very large, high volume space will support a wide range of activities. The Eagle Activity Center will add great value to Decatur ISD and the community it serves.'

The new Eagle Activity Center totals 44,082 square feet and is located on the southeast side of Decatur High School's campus. The artificial turf field is 50 yards wide and 70 yards in length including the 10 yard end zone. The field is also stripped to support band practice. Netting was provided for soccer as well as batting cages for softball and baseball. Through wall supply and exhaust fans, exterior overhead doors and programmable LED lighting provide an environment suitable for use throughout the years at all hours.

'It was a pleasure to partner with VLK Architects in the planning and design of the new Eagle Activity Center multi-purpose building, 'said Rod Townsend, Decatur ISD Superintendent, 'This is an excellent facility that will support a wide range of athletic and related activities for the students at Decatur High School. VLK and the construction manager, Buford Thompson Co. worked diligently to meet our budget needs while maintaining the quality and scope of the project'.