It's For The Kids

'It's for the kids,' an overused clich which, nevertheless, is still trotted out in various forms as a reason for our actions. From personal decisions to political policies, we encounter instances everyday where deeds are done in the name of helping the younger ones who will be our future. In its true form, doing something for the kids is about giving and helping develop the skills and opportunities for the next generation.

The next generation is our legacy and by looking to them we find meaning. We all look for meaning in our everyday actions, and it has been proven that this is especially significant to the up and coming workforce of millennials. Their values lead them to aspire to do more than just pay their bills. They want to have an impact.

VLK has been around for over 30 years, so it has adapted to change more than a few times. However, the entire labor force is on the cusp of a changing of the guard, and VLK is no exception. There is a fresh bloodline of educated and ambitious architects who have the prowess to take on any task as well as the technological ability to do it in the most efficient and applicable way possible. Standing on the foundation of wisdom the experienced architects and principals bring, there is an extremely exciting landscape ahead for architectural projects which will be executed by VLK.

Every day I come to work and draw, ask questions, answer emails, and interact with my team to provide the best product possible. But why? What makes this job better than any other? Or maybe it's not better, but we all like to ask ourselves, what impact am I having on the world' Maybe it is because the population is larger than it has ever been and we feel small, or maybe it is something deeper. Whatever the reason, we do ask that question and there is always an answer to our actions.

As a millennial and a VLK Project Architect, if I had to answer the bigger question, why does my job and what I do matter and how does it impact the rest of my community? What is my goal and who am I trying to serve with this project? The answer is, honestly, it's for the kids. I want to help kids by helping teachers have a better facility so they are excited about going to work and happy and comfortable while at work. I want to help provide the most effective tools and spaces to teach kids. I want to help create environments where children can take their physical comforts for granted so they are focused on the teacher and task at hand rather than on being too hot or unable to hear.

When we make decisions in architecture, we don't just want to meet a code. We want to create an experience that leaves people feeling better than they did before they walked into the building. Teachers are what make a building a school, and better buildings make for better teachers. It may be clich, but 'it's for the kids' is a good reason to do something well. They truly are our future and my motivation to learn, achieve, and deliver on every project, every time.


About the Author:A Fort Worth native, Josh Inge was raised working on the construction site and studied architecture at UTA.With a strong background in custom residential design andbuilding, Josh has found that people are the most important aspect of architecture. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter, lifting at the gym, playing guitar, and watching epic movies.