The Influence of Students in the Design Process

We have been fortunate over the last couple of years to have developed a conceptual framework charrette process that has been enthusiastically embraced by our clients which adds value to every project we design.

An important component of this process is the inclusion of students in this process. What we have experienced is phenomenal and has added a layer of perspective and insight to our projects which has been identified by the adult participants as significant to the success of the process and resulting projects.

In our charrettes, students have lead the conceptual process of a team, have spoken about what they believe is relevant in the design of a school, discussed the functional and aesthetic elements of a design, and challenged the ideas and perceptions of other generations while being respectful, listening, and learning from the experience, oh, and they have generated ideas on how we can improve our process that we have incorporated.

These students have ranged from elementary to high school students, from academic to athletic stars, from rural to urban districts, but they all exhibit a keen awareness of the built environment around them.