Susan Wisa Designated as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Professional

Houston, Texas­- VLK Architects is proud to announce the designation of Susan Wisa as a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional (CPTED). Wisa has proven to be an expert in her field and has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the mission and values of VLK.

“Being on the safety and security committee at VLK Architects has opened my mind to the details of the unique challenges that schools face in regards to security,” said Susan Wisa, Project Architect, VLK Architects. “By listening to our clients and engaging in various collaborative professional discussions, I learned that there were diverse solutions for addressing school safety. It is evident that safety and security in the school environment continues to be the top concern in our communities and around the world.”

To earn the National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP)’s CPTED Professional Designation, a participant must successfully complete sixty-four hours of instruction offered through the NICP within two consecutive years. Course curriculum includes forty-hours of training in Basic CPTED and twenty-four hours of training in Advanced CPTED training. Basic CPTED teaches a student the proper design and effective use of the built and social environment to achieve a more productive use of space and a reduction of crime. The Advanced CPTED focuses on specialized topics such as parks, public art, schools, terror mitigation, site plan reviews, and color & human behavior – all utilizing CPTED concepts and strategies. Upon completion of the above requirements, the designation of CPTED Professional is awarded to the student by the NICP. The initial NICP CPTED Professional Designation is valid for a period of four years.

Wisa, who has been a project architect with VLK for three years, began the course after seeing the need within VLK to create welcoming environments while disguising security elements. The demand for flexibility in schedules due to activities outside of school hours, as well as the influx of people that come and go from schools challenge security and demands a thorough examination into effective safety design. CPTED concepts and strategies may be applied without interfering within the normal use of space and application is economical, particularly when taken into consideration in the early planning and design phase or adopted by a functioning facility. Wisa’s enthusiasm for security in architecture allowed her to thrive in the course environment.

“Passing a written examination at the end of each course is not a concern when you’re passionate about the subject,” said Susan Wisa, Project Architect, VLK Architects. “As a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional (CPTED), I look forward to doing my part to ensure that VLK’s commitment to providing the highest standard in safety and security project design continues for the benefit of our clients.”