VLK Wins Best Holiday Theme in 10th Annual AIA Gingerbread Competition

(Houston, TX) – On Saturday, December 8th, VLK Architects competed in Houston AIA’s 10th annual Gingerbread Competition and won the Best Holiday Theme Award. VLK’s team comprised of Sydney Alford, Krista Thomas, Susan Wisa, Michelle Gallup, Michelle Gabriel, Dalane Bouillion, Liliana Solache, Valeriya Kotova, and Clarissa Quintana. More than 4,000 spectators cheered while teams created their masterpieces using 100% edible materials.

“The annual AIA Gingerbread Build-Off was a fantastic experience to showcase VLK’s talented and extraordinary employees. Our teamwork and fortitude was evident from our sweet victory, and we are looking forward to competing next year!” said Sydney Alford, VLK Architectural Intern.


VLK’s build of the NYC Rockefeller Center consisted of 18 sheets of rice Krispies, five sheets of gingerbread, 40 pounds of buttercream, 10 pounds of Fondant, and edible decorations. The team worked until the timer ran out to capture every detail from the infamous Christmas tree to the nutcrackers which lined the rink, and the dozens of flags made from spaghetti and fruit roll-ups.

“The fun and teamwork we experienced made this VLK Architects’ holiday tradition even more fun!” said Krista Thomas, VLK Architectural Intern and team captain.